How do I customize my invoice?

17 Dec 2020 KB00007

You can customize your invoice to suit your business requirements and send professional, great looking invoices to your customer. Upload your logo, choose a template and change your colors.


  1. Template
    1. Upload your logo
    2. Select a template
    3. Choose a color
    4. Click apply



  • Click on the Menu Bar, and then Invoices.

Menu Invoices


  • Click on the Invoice# of any invoice.

Select Invoice


  • Click on Change Template.

Click Change Template


Each section of the Template screen is explained below:

Change Template Main Screen


Upload Logo

  • Optional. Click on the Upload your logo button.
  • Note: the logo you upload must be the exact dimensions you want to be displayed on your invoice.


b. Select a template

Choose a template

  • Click on the left or right arrows to choose a template that you like.


c. Choose a color

Choose a Color

  • Optional. Choose a color from one of the preset colors, or click on the paintbrush to choose any other color.
  • If you want to revert back to the default color for the selected template, click on Use default color.


d. Click Apply


  • Click Apply to save.


NOTE: The template you have selected will be applied to ALL YOUR EXISTING INVOICES as well as any NEW invoices you will create in the future.