How do I create a receipt?

03 May 2021 KB00003




When you receive a payment from your customer, you need to enter it in the system as a receipt. This receipt is sent to the customer as proof that you have received the payment.


  1. New receipt
  2. Select the customer
  3. Enter the receipt details
  4. Allocate the receipt to the invoices
  5. Receipt completed


1. New receipt

  1. On the top navigation bar, click on the + button.
  2. Click New Receipt.

New Receipt


2. Select the customer

Type any part of the customer name to find the customer.

Select a Customer


3. Enter the receipt details

Each section of the receipt screen is explained below:

Enter receipt details

  • Receipt # - This is an incremental number that is auto generated by the system. If you need to change the numbering sequence or prefix, click on the receipt number.
  • Payment Date - The date that the payment was received from the customer.
  • Payment Method - Select the payment method from the list. If the payment method is not in the list, click on New Payment Method to create one.

New Payment Method

  • Amount Received - The amount received from the customer. If the payment received is for the total amount due, simply click on the Pay amount due below the amount text box. This will enter that amount into the text box.
  • External Comments - These comments will be displayed on the printed receipt that your customer will receive. e.g. Thank you.
  • Internal Comments - These comments are only visible by you, and not visible by the customer


Click Next



4. Allocate the receipt to the invoices

  1. Click on the Pay button for each invoice you want to allocate this receipt to.
  2. Click on Save.

Select invoices

If you make a mistake during allocation, click on the Reset allocation link to start the allocation again.


5. Receipt completed

Receipt Completed