How do I create a quotation?

03 May 2021 KB00004




You have consulted with your customer and determined what goods or services to provide your customer. Before your customer makes a decision of whether or not to choose your business, he wants you to send him a quotation outlining your price and what is included.

Note: A quotation can also be called a quote.

  1. New Quotation
  2. Fill out your quotation
    1. Quotation Details
    2. Item Details
    3. Notes, Terms & Conditions
  3. Quotation completed


1. New Quotation

  1. On the top navigation bar, click on the + button.
  2. Click New Quotation.

New Quotation


Each section of the quotation screen is explained below:

New Quotation Screen



2. Fill out your quotation


a. Quotation Details

Quotation Details

  • To - Select the customer you want to send the quotation to. If the customer is not in the list, click on New Customer to create one.

New Customer


  • Quotation # - This is an incremental number that is auto generated by the system. If you need to change the numbering sequence or prefix, click on the quotation number.
  • Date - The date of issue of the quotation.


b. Item Details

Quotation Items

  • Description - Select an item. An item can be a service or a physical product. If the item is not in the list, click on New Item to create one.

New Item

  • Qty - Enter the quantity of the item being sold. If this is a service and you bill per hour, enter the number of hours here.
  • Unit Price - This is the individual item price. If you provide a service, this is the rate you charge.
    • The unit price can be including VAT or excluding VAT, depending on your default settings.
  • Disc % - Optional. Enter the discount percentage you want to give your customer a discount.
  • Disc Amt - Optional. If you have entered a discount percentage, the discount amount is automatically calculated for you. You can now change the discount amount if required. e.g. to round it to a whole number.
  • Total - This is the line total.
  • Comments - Optional. Any details to describe the item. e.g. The specifications for a computer.
  • Add a Line - Click to add a new line to the quotation.


d. Notes, Terms & Conditions

Notes, Terms & Conditions

  • Notes - Any note you want to give your customer. e.g. Thank you.
  • Terms & Conditions - You can specify any terms or conditions related to your business policy.


3. Quotation completed

Quotation Completed